Where Should I Install My Thermostat in Cocoa, FL?

o ensure your indoor climate in your Cocoa, FL, home, is favorable, you should install the thermostat in the right place. Let’s take a look at good locations for your thermostat.

Where to Place the Thermostat

You should install your thermostat on an interior wall to ensure it can give accurate readings. The main hallway or living room is preferable since such rooms are commonly used. Avoid placing the thermostat close to the doors or windows.

The position you place your thermostat matters. The recommended height is 60 inches from the floor. Let’s delve further into where you should and shouldn’t place a thermostat.

Don’t Install It in Direct Sunlight

If you place the thermostat in direct sunlight, there’s the risk of the device issuing false readings. When you place the thermostat near direct sunlight, it’ll assume the room is warmer than the actual temperature. As a result, your air conditioner will run more in the summer. In the winter, your heater won’t operate when it’s chilly outside.

Don’t Install It Above Air Vents

The thermostat should accurately represent the temperature levels in your home. If you place the thermostat above an air vent, the temperature readings won’t be accurate since the device is being hit by incoming air. If you switch the heater “on,” the thermostat will “think” the room is warmer.

Install the Thermostat in the Hallway

The hallway is a preferable place to install the thermostat so that it can accurately record the temperature in your house. This position is preferable since the hallway is mostly empty, making it easier for the thermostat to give accurate readings.

Choosing the Right Thermostat for Your Home

We highly recommend smart thermostats since you can control them using a mobile app. They have capabilities, such as scheduling geofencing, which is setting a location boundary for cooling and heating. As you purchase a thermostat, ensure it has the necessary functionality and internet requirements.

Riverside Cooling Inc. is at your service for all your heating and cooling needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment to install a new thermostat or have us perform maintenance on your HVAC system.

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