When Should I Replace My Old Heat Pump in Cape Canaveral, FL?

Even with a seasonal tuneup, there comes a time when replacing your heat pump in Cape Canaveral, FL, is the most cost-effective solution. If you’re getting ready for winter, now’s an excellent time to make sure that your system is still functioning efficiently. Here are four tell-tale signs that it’s time for a new heat pump:

High Utility Bills

If your pump is efficient, your energy consumption should be fairly consistent. Accordingly, if you see a significant increase in energy consumption linked to heating your home, it’s probably time for a new heat pump.

A faulty system works harder and takes too long to achieve the set temperatures. Consequently, this translates to more energy consumption. Reach out to a service technician for HVAC maintenance to determine if repairs can solve the issue or if system replacement is unavoidable.

Temperature Inconsistencies

Temperature fluctuations are another indicator that your pump is faulty. If the changes are more extreme, it could be a sign of impending failure.

It’s important to note that the temperature will fluctuate, even with a new pump. An old system’s fluctuation will just be more drastic.

Frequent Emergency Heat Pump Repairs

If your pump breaks down more than once in the same season, you might want to start thinking about a new one. Moreover, if your annual repair costs are high, it could be due to the fact that your unit is in need of replacement.

Due to wear and tear on most components, your system is more likely to break down. If you’ve had to replace the same part twice, it’s time to start shopping for a new unit.

Strange Sounds

If your heat pump is old, small things like a squealing fan could indicate something more serious. Loud rattling, buzzing or clicking sounds from your system point to broken, worn-out or damaged components.

If your system isn’t old, then simple repairs or replacements by an expert will eradicate the noise. If you hear any strange noise accompanied by unusual odors from your heat pump, turn it off immediately and reach out to an HVAC expert to avoid further damage.

We’re your go-to company if you require quality and affordable heating services in and around Cape Canaveral, FL. Contact us at Riverside Cooling Inc. for heat pump repair and installation by factory-trained service technicians.

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