3 Symptoms of a Faulty Heat Pump Compressor in Cocoa, FL

The compressor, an essential component of every heat pump, plays a key role in the heating and cooling process. Since the heat pump in your Cocoa, FL, home can’t operate properly without a compressor in good working condition, you need to be alert for any issues it might develop. Here are three important symptoms of a faulty heat pump compressor:

Lackluster Performance

A heat pump’s heat transfer cycle involves evaporating refrigerant, letting the fluid absorb heat from the surrounding air, then condensing it and having it release heat. Without a working compressor, your heat pump can’t operate as it should to either heat or cool your home effectively.

Tripping the Circuit Breaker

If your heat pump’s compressor goes bad and results in poor system performance, this may have another unintended consequence. When your heat pump performs poorly, the temperatures in your home don’t change, and this may end up forcing your system to work harder to warm or cool your living space. This will use more electricity, which may lead to tripping your circuit breaker.

Odd Noises

Ordinarily, heat pumps should produce no more than a soft hum and a few popping noises as they operate. If your compressor breaks, however, you may notice ticks, rumblings and strong vibrations with an additional backspin.

A loud noise could indicate that your compressor has a broken piston or valve, worn-out bearings or an electrical issue. However, sometimes a failing compressor makes no noise at all. To diagnose and fix the issue, you’ll need the repair or maintenance services of a trained HVAC service technician.

A faulty heat pump compressor could mean an uncomfortable winter for you in Cocoa, FL. To avoid this, get in touch with our team at Riverside Cooling Inc. and ask for our HVAC services to deal with this problem.

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