5 Signs You Need an AC Replacement in Cocoa, FL

When your air conditioner goes out in Cocoa, FL, you may struggle with the heat and discomfort it brings. Luckily, there are things you can look for before the AC system completely fails. Here are five signs that you need to invest in an AC replacement soon:

Rising Costs

The SEER rating of your air conditioner plays a significant role in how efficiently it runs. Its efficiency will drop as it ages, though, and cause your cooling bills to rise. When you pay more just to run your air conditioner, you can save money with a new AC replacement.

Strange Smells and Sounds

While AC maintenance can help your system last longer, any strange odors and noises you smell and hear let you know it’s on its last legs. Smoky, burning and musty odors are some of those that indicate a failing air conditioner. A dying AC system can also make squealing and other noises.

Poor Airflow

If your AC system doesn’t produce cool air within a few minutes of turning it on, it may be on its way out. Clogs in your ducts and a faulty blower can affect your airflow. It often costs less to replace the whole AC system than repair some of the individual parts.

Moisture Buildup

You should never see moisture buildup on the outside of your air conditioner or around its base. That moisture is a sign of a serious refrigerant leak, which can affect your loved ones and reduce the efficiency of the AC system. You may also notice an increase in your home’s humidity.

Rising Temperatures

When the temperature inside keeps rising and you no longer feel as cool as you did before, consider an AC replacement. The biggest sign you need an AC replacement is when the old system no longer meets your family’s needs.

Replace Your Old AC System

Temperatures in Cocoa, FL, get high in the summer, which means you’ll need an AC system that can keep up with the heat. Contact us at Riverside Cooling Inc. today to get help choosing and installing a new AC system.

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