Do You Need an Air Conditioning Repair?

High summertime temperatures have shattered records across the country, including Cape Canaveral, FL. Hotter weather means you depend on your air conditioner even more to deliver cold air that helps you beat the heat. That added strain can lead to more frequent problems. Here’s why you need to schedule an air conditioning repair:

Leaking AC Refrigerant

Firstly, an air conditioner leaking refrigerant won’t function as it should, impacting your home comfort and cooling bills. Since refrigerant is hazardous to handle, you should always hire a service technician to repair the leak, test it and charge the AC system with the correct amount. Trying a DIY air conditioning repair is dangerous.

Worn-Out Contactors

An air conditioner contains contactors for various components in the compressor and condenser. Contactors create an electrical connection that powers the motors and helps your air conditioner operate as it should. If the contactors experience any problems, including pitting and arcing, your AC system won’t cool your house adequately.

Clogged Filters and Drains

Your AC system’s filter should always be clean to allow air to flow freely. Changing the filter is an easy task every homeowner can complete. Aim to do so every month to prevent a clogged filter from damaging your air conditioner.

Like your air conditioner’s filter, the condensate drain line can also clog with dirt, debris and other particles. If that happens, the drain pan will fill and eventually overflow, damaging your air conditioner and the surrounding area. Hire an air conditioning repair expert to inspect your drain line and clear it if needed. By doing so, you’ll avoid significant financial losses.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Finally, the thermostat is the brain of your air conditioner. If it’s not working correctly, your AC system won’t either. Change the batteries to see if that helps. If it doesn’t, schedule an air conditioning repair in Cape Canaveral, FL. As a result, you’ll restore your home comfort right away.

Is your air conditioner not working properly, affecting your comfort and peace of mind? Contact Riverside Cooling Inc. to schedule an air conditioning repair. We can find and fix most AC problems in one visit.

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