Do You Need an AC Repair in Merritt Island, FL?

Merritt Island, FL, has experienced grueling temperatures over the summer, and the heat continues through the start of autumn. There’s no doubt your air conditioner has worked harder and longer to cool your house and keep you comfortable. That added stress and strain can eventually lead to breakdowns that require air conditioning repairs. Read on to learn some common signs that should warn you to schedule an AC repair sooner rather than later.

Poor Cooling Performance

The most obvious sign your air conditioner is struggling is weak airflow or poor cooling performance. If you notice that the air from the supply vents isn’t blowing strong or cool, a breakdown could be coming soon. This could indicate AC compressor or ductwork issues, which a professional service technician must promptly address.

AC System Is Crying for a Repair

Your air conditioner should click on and off and hum quietly while it operates. If you hear anything like banging, rattling, grinding or squealing, it’s time to turn your air conditioner off and schedule an AC repair. Problematic sounds include:

  • Banging: indicates loose or broken parts inside the compressor or motor assembly.
  • Rattling: Loose parts, unbalanced indoor blower or debris in the ductwork.
  • Grinding: Motor bearings are worn out, and the motor will fail if not repaired immediately.
  • Squealing: Belt issues or lack of lubrication, potentially leading to motor failure if not repaired immediately.
  • Gurgling: Refrigerant leak or air in the refrigerant line, indicating a potential leak and reduced cooling efficiency.

Frequent On-and-Off Cycling

Short-cycling is another name for an air conditioner that cycles on and off too often. Since this part of the cooling process consumes the most energy, you’ll likely notice a spike in your bills if this problem persists. Continuous short-cycling reduces cooling efficiency and stresses the system, increasing the risk of a breakdown.

We understand air conditioning problems are frustrating. We’re here to rescue you when needed and complete your AC repair as fast as possible without compromising quality. Contact Riverside Cooling Inc. to schedule your air conditioning repair. We service all makes and models of air conditioners and aim to build long-term relationships.

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