Is Your Furnace Energy-Efficient?

A furnace that runs efficiently has a high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). It consumes less energy and releases adequate heat to keep your Titusville, FL, home warm and cozy during winter. Here are some signs of an inefficient furnace:

High Energy Bills

An inefficient heating system consumes more fuel and energy to keep your Titusville, FL, home warm. This causes your utility expenses to increase at an unusual rate. You can resolve this issue by contacting qualified service technicians for a system tuneup.

Inconsistent Indoor Temperatures

An inefficient furnace cannot emit adequate heat and distribute it evenly throughout your home. Factors like leaky ductwork and dirty furnace filters could cause this issue.

As a result, you will experience hot and cold spots in some rooms. Sometimes, the systemtakes longer than expected to warm up a room.

Cold Air Blowing

A furnace that blows cold, rather than hot, air isn’t operating optimally. This happens when debris clogs the filters and restricts airflow in the heat exchanger.

It causes the heat exchanger to overheat, damages the limit switch and causes the furnace burners to shut down. A qualified service technician can resolve this issue by replacing the filters and resetting your furnace.

Frequent Cycling

You should seek assistance from an expert if you notice that your heating system needs to cycle constantly to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. This issue signifies that the furnace’s pilot or burner has a problem.

A straining furnace will likely experience frequent breakdowns and increase energy bills. Repairing the damaged components can help the system reach its optimal efficiency, last longer and make your household more comfortable.

Red or Orange Burner Flame

An efficient furnace completes the combustion process and produces a blue flame. On the contrary, a furnace’s burner producing a red, limp or orange flame indicates that the system is wasting a lot of fuel rather than converting it into heat.

You need to invest in a heating system that will keep your home warm and maintain a reasonable energy bill. Schedule an appointment with Riverside Cooling Inc. for reliable furnace maintenance services.

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