All You Need to Know About the Latest AC Refrigerant Changes

Significant changes have occurred that you should know about regarding air conditioning. The U.S. government is cutting down on producing certain AC refrigerants used in many air conditioners. These refrigerants, known as HFCs, are being reduced by 40% this year to help protect the environment. This reduction might make it more difficult to find and more expensive to buy popular refrigerants like R-410A. Learn everything you need to know about the latest AC refrigerant changes impacting homeowners in and around Cocoa, FL.

New AC Refrigerant Changes and What They Mean

Another major change is the EPA’s new rule on what kinds of refrigerants can be used in new air conditioners and heat pumps. The new rule sets a maximum limit on the GWP of these refrigerants, aiming for more environmentally friendly options.

Initially, the EPA said all new systems must comply by January 1, 2025, but after some pushback, they’ve given an extra year for installation. This means new systems with the current refrigerants can be installed until January 1, 2026, as long as they were made before the end of 2024.

However, this doesn’t mean manufacturers will keep making the old systems. They’re quickly moving towards the new, low-GWP refrigerants. If you’re thinking about getting a new air conditioner, it might be wise to plan ahead and discuss options with your HVAC provider.

New AC Refrigerants on the Way

To replace these high-GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants, new options are becoming available. Two of the most talked-about replacements are R-32 and R-454B. These new refrigerants are better for the environment but mildly flammable. Therefore, service technicians will need special training and tools to handle them safely. Fortunately, most of the tools already used for current systems will still work with the new refrigerants. A few new spark-proof tools may be necessary, though.

Importance of Reclaimed AC Refrigerants

As new systems come into play, older ones still need to be maintained. This is where reclaimed refrigerants come into the picture. These are recycled from old systems and can be reused.

In 2022, the amount of reclaimed refrigerants went up by 40%, which is great news, but it’s still insufficient to meet all the needs. Therefore, every service technician must reclaim as much refrigerant as possible to keep existing systems running smoothly.

Looking Ahead to Future AC Refrigerant Changes

This year will be a turning point for home cooling. With the shift to new refrigerants and tighter regulations, staying informed and prepared is more important than ever. If you need a new system or service for an existing one, get in touch with Riverside Cooling Inc. to learn about the best and most environmentally friendly options available.

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